Our Working Farm

Working Farm - Heath Farm

Life On The Farm

Heath Farm is much more than just a great place to stay. It’s a small fully working family owned farm with grounds covering 35 acres of the wonderful Sussex countryside. Once upon a time we had 9,000 free range laying hens, but now the operation is a little different, with 500 free range roasting chickens and a breeding flock of 30 Beulah Speckleface ewes.

Working Farm - Heath Farm

Free Range Chickens

See for yourself how our free range chickens live. Our French Sassos which come to us at just one day old live in six small houses in a part of the farm that used to be a pear orchard. They stay indoors until they’re old enough not to attract the predatory attentions of crows. After that they live a very contented free range existence, until the time comes for the inevitable trip to the local abattoir. Our chickens are available at two local farm shops, Townings in Chailey, and Isfield Farm Shop, and at Cottenhams, the award winning butchers shop in Lindfield.

Working Farm - Heath Farm

Beulah Sheep

Children will be particularly enamoured of our sheep as well as the lambs which appear in April each year. The Beulahs are great mums and their lambs are strong, feisty and full of personality. Depending on the weather our ewes will lamb outside, barely needing any intervention from us. Throughout their lives our lambs eat a completely natural diet of grass.

The other main activity is haymaking in the summer. Our hay is very important winter feed for our ewes, but it is also a commodity in constant demand from our regular customers in the local horse-owning community.

Working Farm - Heath Farm

Taking Care On The Farm

We like our guests to feel welcome at all times, so we are happy for you to stroll around the farm. We must stress that, as this is a working farm, it does present its own particular hazards, so children must be supervised. In particular, we would ask you to co-operate in preventing your children from climbing on the bales of straw and hay. Of course it’s enormous fun but unfortunately it’s also very dangerous. However, there’s plenty of space to play and plenty more to see and do, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit when we have some new chicks.